Our Concept

Developed from passion for pure honey.


We formed our team after everyone had worked with the wholesalers for a long time. Since the wholesalers have put us under pressure with the honey prices in the last years and have made our work unprofitable, we have decided to market our honey ourselves and offer our customers the best honey. 


The beekeepersteam consists of three beekeepers and one hobby beekeeper. The first three practice the beekeeping operations in our home country Romania. All founders come from the same village Sprancenata in the south of Romania. The landscape offers us countless possibilities for beekeeping, from the grassland on the neighbouring hill, endless rape fields, sunflower fields to acacia forests, lime tree forests or the general forests with their precious flowers. All members share the same values, we build our concept on passion for our work and for our premium products. With our products we offer not only premium honey but also sustainable design products.


The aim of the project is to support small beekeepers and make beekeeping sustainable in the long term. We use only sustainable materials throughout the entire process from hive to end product. The wooden houses are produced in the same village from untreated wood, which strengthens the regional economy. The bees winter only on their own honey. We use only pure honey as feed exclusively for health reasons. Hereby we keep our bee colonies healthy and fit over the whole year. We extract and process our honey in compliance with the strict EU guidelines. Then we let the honey rest for a while until a whitish foam settles on top, which we remove. Only then does our honey go into the bottling plant where we fill it directly into our jars. You will get an excellent honey. Our honey, depending on the variety, can crystallize quickly, which is a quality characteristic. You can tell by the fact that the honey has not been stirred or heated strongly. We heat our honey to maximum 37º C only in the case of crystallization before bottling. Hereby our honey contains all its ingredients.


Queen bees

The beekeepersteam buys the queen bees for their own breeding exclusively from the Research and Development Institute of Beekeeping in Romania. The team monitors the development of the newly formed colonies that have received new queens and selects the best ones to breed their own queens. This allows us to influence the behaviour and productivity of our bees ourselves.


Sustainable packaging

We let our honey shine in design glasses. You can use the glasses in your house for life. They are dishwasher safe and therefore quickly ready for further use. Our glasses receive at least 40% recycled glass. This contributes to the protection of the environment. The seal is made of natural rubber and the clamping mechanism is made of stainless steel. Here you will find more information about our glasses and also further tips for further use.


The beekeepersteam markets their products both online and offline. We market our products through distribution partners. In addition, we are working with our partner to develop new products, with honey being a component of the product.